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Addiction Counselling

Experiencing addiction can be truly harrowing. There is still a lot of stigma and misunderstanding surrounding the world of addiction and it is therefore vitally important that counselling around this area is suitably compassionate and understanding.

I have experienced addiction first hand, and as a result of my own recovery have committed myself to learning more and more about addiction as a problem societally, and have acquired a wealth of experience working within addiction, both substance-based and behavioural. Behavioural addictions are still much misunderstood but can be just as crippling as substance-based addictions. It is incredible, how much an understanding ear and the opportunity to share our story with addiction can empower change to occur.

I work in a client-centred manner, utilising the compassionate inquiry approach created by Dr Gabor Mate, and believe in empowering those suffering from addiction to move beyond this and begin the process of recovery, however that may look to them. I encourage my clients to question how the addiction has served them in the past – not what is wrong with it, but what was right – and by taking this holistic approach I hope to empower those suffering to find other, healthier methods of addressing the problems that underscore their addictive behaviours.

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